Martha Pullen Thread Stand

Question: What's the name of a small Australian animal and the company that makes the perfect accessory for your sewing machine?

The answer is the "echidna." The animal looks rather like a porcupine with its spines. And, I guess you could say that the accessory also has spines--10 of them that stand straight up to hold your thread at eye-level above and behind your sewing machine. (pronounce like "eh-KID-nuh")

And, for all you people who couldn't figure out how to pronounce it under its former name, no worries mate! This product is now known as the Martha Pullen Thread Stand.

Limited Time Offer: See that thread pictured on the Martha Pullen Thread Stand below? Order now from Cactus Punch and get that thread as a free bonus! Ten 1100-yard spools of 40-wt. rayon valued at $4.99 each--yours free with your thread stand!


Features & Benefits

  • Suits all makes & models of machines. See what your machine will look like:
    Brother, Bernina, Babylock
    Husqvarna, Janome, Pfaff & others
  • Needs NO clamping or attaching to the machine or bench
  • Is lightweight and portable
  • Cuts and clamps the threads in use--no more tangled spools
  • Holds 10 spools of thread on a removable platform at eye level
  • Additional platforms may be purchased as an optional accessory




And get thread shown on stand free! 10 colors, 40 wt rayon, 1100 yards--a $50 value!
shipping extra.

Call 1-800-487-6972 to order yours today!

The perfect gift for any sewing person!

The unique design of the Martha Pullen Thread Stand uses the weight of the sewing machine to hold it stable. This translates to no clamping or screwing to attach it to a table or machine. It also makes the Martha Pullen Thread Stand very portable.

All types of thread can be held on the removable, quick change platform, which can be removed so that the Martha Pullen Thread Stand may be lowered with the machine into most types of sewing cabinets that use a lifting device. Additional platforms may be purchased to hold more thread--for example, you may wish to store all your metallic threads together on one platform.

In addition to holding thread, the Martha Pullen Thread Stand cuts and clamps threads that are not in use, thus avoiding tangled threads. An even better feature is that it holds thread upright--the way thread manufacturers intended--and feeds a smoother thread to your machine.

The thread delivery arm, which extends out to the right has three slots--great for twin or triple needle work. (Where do you even put that third spool on most machines anyway?) Another use for this gadget is winding your own cords. Just place the threads or cords you wish to use on the Martha Pullen Thread Stand and twist together or wind onto a bobbin for bobbin work. I'm sure you will not only find other uses for this device but you will soon wonder how you ever lived without it--it will become your most used sewing gadget


According to its inventor, Gary Walker, a native of Queensland, Australia:

"The Echidna was born out of frustration. As a sewing machine retailer, I decided to focus heavily on sales of household embroidery machines in 1994. These marvels of modern technology were amazing, but what frustrated me more than anything else was CHANGING THREADS. This seemingly simple task was in my opinion the most frustrating aspect of machine embroidery. Why was there not a better system of thread delivery on such advanced machines?

"In 1995, I decide to fix the problem and set about designing a device that would be suitable for all machines and hence the Echidna was born. The product we are now presenting has been fine-tuned to deliver hassle-free thread delivery and more importantly relieve the frustration of repeated thread changes which are inherent part of machine embroidery."

The "Echidna" is Patent Pending and the name "Echidna" is Trade Marked.

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